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Testimony of Joseph Scott Craig and Joy Suzanne Johnson

This is our story about how as husband and wife we went from being leaders of a Satanic cult to accepting Christ and becoming Christians. We both were involved in various paths of the occult before we met. Both of us have our own stories as to what led us to the occult and Satanism. For our individual background, please visit our blogs. For Joe, visit God forgives, the World Forgets. For Joy, visit Feed Tia.  In short, we both grew up in an environment where God appeared to be judgmental and hateful.  There was a lot of talk about the law and Hell, and not much talk about the love of Christ.

By the time we married, we were both deep into the occult and Satanism, and even founded our own coven called the Order of the Morning Star in Durham, North Carolina. We taught and led others along this path, and often shared living quarters with other members of this cult.  As expected, following such a dark path led to more darkness and ultimately violence.  A conflict with housemates who were also Satanists led to our arrest and jail time.  We were both charged with multiple assault related felonies and placed in Durham County Jail.  We were not guilty of all of the charges, but we were not innocent either.  Due to the occult nature of the case and our political ties, it was sensationalized in the news media.

During our time in Jail, we both received support and encouragement from family, friends, and even strangers.  Other inmates witnessed to us about Jesus Christ and encouraged us to read the Bible.  The members of Providence Road Church of Christ (the church Joy’s mother attended) in Charlotte North Carolina reached out to us both and sent us regular letters.  They poured their love out to us and did not judge despite all the negative publicity and news stories.

For the first time in our lives, we truly saw the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Both of us started reading the Bible independent of each other in jail and accepted Christ. After we both bonded out of jail, we were baptized and joined Providence Road Church of Christ.  The support of the church continued after our release. Members offered us a place to live and money for our needs.  We attended multiple counseling sessions with Christian Counselors.

A year or so after our arrest, we accepted a Misdemeanor assault plea deal with one year of probation.  God led us through these hard times and allowed us to come out of it with only Misdemeanors and probation. We accepted the plea deal because it reflected what we were indeed guilty of.  Looking back on things, our arrest in Durham was a blessing from God. As much as we insulted God and spit on Him, he reached into the darkness and pulled us out. Had God not reached out to us when he did, we would probably be dead or in prison.

As of today, we are still happily married, attending Holy Covenant United Church of Christ, and have given our testimony several times.  Joy is currently attending Chicago Theological Seminary in the Master of Divinity program. We are currently reaching out to those in prison and others who are considered the “least of these,” including witnessing to those who were involved in the occult with us.

Now, we want to share our story about our past to show that God can forgive anyone, as well as the dangers of getting involved in the occult. What started out as what seemed harmless occult practices to dealing with demons and Satan.  We hope that others involved in the occult and Satanism will find their way to this site and read our story.  God did not pull us out of this darkness so we could be silent and continue on as normal.  It was His Grace that got us out, so as painful as this story is, we must tell it. As much as we want to forget and just move on, God deserves more than that.

Our story is a powerful testimony that the blood of Christ was shed for all of us, and that through Him, we are all forgiven no matter what we have done. Please feel free to share our story and contact us if you or someone you know needs helping getting out of the occult. We are more than happy to share our testimony with anyone.

Here is a link to our testimony at Providence Road Church of Christ.

Here is a link to Joe Craig giving a short testimony at Holy Covenant United Church of Christ.

Here is Joy’s Testimony on YouTube:

Joy giving her testimony at Wedgewood United Church of Christ

Playlist from YouTube for Joy and Joe at the alter, call them sermons.

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