Joy shares Testimony with the World

Her walk from Satan to Christ set to Casting Crowns – Set Me Free

Walk to Guatemala

Members of Holy Covenant UCC are working on gathering funding for a mission trip to Guatemala. It is a mission trip where they go be Jesus for some people without forcing conversion for assistance. Living by example and helping those in need showing them love and compassion. Check out the Walk to Guatemala page.

Joe Craig Gives Testimony at Holy Covenant UCC

On Sunday March, 22nd Joseph Craig gave his testimony in front of their new church body at Holy Covenant United Church of Christ. You can find a link to a video of that sermon here. It was a short testimony but it felt good to give it once more.

A Pastor’s Personal Challenge to Live Homeless

Clarksville Pastor Lives as a Homeless Person for 5 days.  My finding of this story was during fact checking of another story that I saw involving Pastor Jeremiah Steepek powerful message of wandering around in an 10,000 member church as a homeless man before introduced as the new Senior Pastor. Only a hand-full of people talked to him or offered him any kind of aid. I thought it was powerful and impressive and wanted to share it with others, but I like to have actual sites that are more credible than Google+. In my searches I found this article and many like it pointing to Rev. Willie Lyle as being the true inspiration.

What a Year at Providence Road Church of Christ

65 Lives Changed, Year End Baptism Review PRCOC 65 people were baptized into Christ at Providence Road Church of Christ in 2013. We have gone through a lot of changes in the past few years and we are starting to see the seeds bare fruit. What a loving church body to be a part of. You having a bad day? Watch this video and be overwhelmed at how God moved with our little piece of the Body of Christ.

Ex-Satanist Approves of Catholic Church Training More Priests for Exorcisms

Friend and Mentor Jeff Harshbarger spoke with Christian Post about his feelings towards the Catholic Church training more priests for Exorcisms. After reading the article I agree that there should be more members of the church trained in dealing with Exorcisms. I understand better than many others about how difficult it can be to deal with demons and demonic possession. Deliverance Ministry helped us, Joy and I, greatly and was quite the process. I feel that there are cases that straight out Exorcism is the right call to duty. In our personal case, by the time we were in therapy for the whole ordeal Deliverance was what God had ordered. Others, there isn’t time for a long drawn out process. Please Check out the article below.

Providence Road Church of Christ Christmas Program

This year Providence Road Church of Christ is going to be putting on a Christmas play as part of their program. It will be a great time with some really funny original skits. You may even see someone that you recognize at the play. The program will begin on December 15th at 6 pm at the Providence Road Church of Christ located at 4900 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC.

Friends and Family welcome. You don’t have to be a Christian to come out and enjoy the play, I actually encourage everyone to come out and have a good time watching a few people really ham it up. For more information keep your eye out on PRCOC.ORG.

Make a Wish Batkid

A little kid wished to be Batman, 5 years old and dying of leukemia, Make A Wish made it happen for him. Many of the city officials made it possible, not that it was that big of a town only San Francisco. Check out one of the many articles about this here.

‘The Exorcist’ Author Calls Abortion ‘Demonic’; Former Satanist Disagree

Tyler O’Neil with Christian Post released an article today about the author of the Exorcist and his claims about Abortion being Demonic. Part of the story was an interview with Joseph Craig, a former Satanist now turned believer. Please check out Tyler’s work below:

‘The Exorcist’ Author Calls Abortion ‘Demonic’; Former Satanist Disagree

Joe Craig

Billy Graham Celebrates 95th Birthday

Happy Birthday Mr. Graham!

Hundreds gathered together to celebrate Billy Graham’s 95th Birthday. See the full article at WCNC here.


The Poor Falling Through the Cracks in Obamacare?

When he went ashore, he saw a great crowd; and he had compassion for them and cured their sick.” Matthew 14:14

Jesus did not charge money for healing the sick. God is the Great Physician. We are to imitate Christ. Woe to a nation that does not care for it’s sick.

The Poor Falling Through the Cracks in Obamacare?


Parents Trash Electronics

Tennessee parents, in order to teach their kids the importance of human interaction, trashed their children’s electronic devices. For many of us that seems like an extreme move. Check out the article here. I have talked about the importance of human interaction and distraction many times. I can’t say that this is the way we should go, but I feel the lesson was important. In Don’t Fear the Silence I talked about the topic of quiet time and the importance of getting distractions out of the way. What do you think about the topic?


Restaurant Gives Women with Prison Record a Second Chance

Second Helping has a mission statement of second chances and forgiveness through something that we all love dearly, Food. WBTV broke this story months ago, but I wanted to share it here as well. As we all go through life, many times all we are looking for is a second chance. Forgiveness and Salvation are ways that we get a second chance, but as I have said before, the world is not as forgiving.

Help support an organization that shows their works through their mission. Below is the link to their homepage and the WBTV article.

Second Helping

WBTV – Restaurant Helps Women with Prison Records

With Grace

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