Road of Friends, a Real Love

“The Lord is my solid rock, my fortress, my rescuer. My God is my rock – I take refuge in him! – he’s my shield, my salvation’s strength, my place of safety.” Psalm 18:2

 It is always amazing to me when I see another person in my life that is going through struggles that I have gone through in the past and how God uses my experiences to help someone that is hurting the way others helped me. I have been told many times that God will get the good out of any situation. Well there is a caveat to that and it is, if you are willing to be used for that purpose.

I have shared a few times just how blessed me and my wife were when we were going through our early walk with God. We did not go without anything that we needed. That is true in so many ways. It is what we are promised in the bible. We often times have opinions over what we feel is needed versus what actually is needed.

God did not make that statement idly. If God can make bread rain from the sky, or feed thousands with a loaf of bread and a couple fish, why can he not make sure you have heat and something to eat. Now it may not be right there in your house, but there are others around that can help if you are willing to ask. There are many things that God can teach us each and every day if we allow it.

I had a teacher tell me that if you really want to learn something the best way is to teach it. That was a lesson that I was reminded of tonight. These words were flowing from my own mouth that had been told to me when I was where a good friend was. Giving solace to another in the same exact way that it was given to me.

In the Lord, my God, I take refuge in. We are each part of the whole, but sometimes we are the helper and other times it is us that is receiving help. Know that you are loved and your God will take care of you. Psalm 18 is one of those psalms that really get me when I am looking for that strength that I am lacking. It is a reminder of where you can gain true strength and that you can cry on the shoulder of our Lord.

He was there for us in the beginning and he will be there for us in the end. He does not abandon us. We sometimes turn our backs on the Lord, but God is always right there waiting for us to turn back around. It is amazing to see how roads cross in such similar fashions and how God moves. It always gives me hope and strength.

Each choice that we made along the way are part of the path to where we are now. We all are lost wondering in the dark, but low and behold there is a road beneath our feet, we just couldn’t see it. As we begin to find our way there is a light that we follow, just as the wise men did. These lights are held by others that have figured things out a little bit more than we have and have walked the road before us.

We didn’t know that we were walking around with a lamp in our hands, we just needed a little help lighting it so we can find our way. But you know what comes next, lighting someone else’s lamp with the flame from our own lamp. As you pass that flame, you realize that you are much different from who you were, but you are still the same.

God is with us always. Right there waiting for us to reach out to him. So much love to share in this world of fake plastic trees. If only these people knew that they didn’t need to be fake to be loved. To know that a true love requires you to be who you really are. So funny that the words, “No one knows Joe,” comes to mind. Just last week I heard these words and they are true.

People know parts of me, but only Joy knows me for all that I am. I would love to think that I know who I am, and know that there are people that know me well, but do they know everything I am? Probably not. I find myself feeding out more and more of myself to people slowly to make sure that they still want to get to know me more. That is a disservice to myself and a disservice to God.

By doing that I water myself down, and if you water down fire it goes out. How can you truly burn with the brilliance that God wishes us to have if we water ourselves down? We can’t. How can you share all of who you are with others? That I’m still trying to figure out. I want people to know me and feel that I have people that do know me, but not many know all of me.

If only God knows you, then I cannot fully appreciate who you are and get the full picture of what God is doing in your life or even what you have gone through to get to where you are today. I have friends that are truly hurting individuals, but I have no idea how to begin helping them with their issues. Many of them I don’t think are ready for help with these issues, but even then I don’t know what these hurts are. God certainly does. If you are not ready to allow others to play that part in your life you can start with him.

God is there ready to be your crying shoulder. God is ready to be that strong tower to shelter you from the storm of life. He is that life raft when you are lost at sea. You just have to allow God to be that for you. For him to fully help you, you must first be honest with yourself on who you are and what you are hurting with. The next step is to give it over to God and allow him to help you.

God may put people in your path that can help without you even knowing it.  Psalm 18 continues in verses 5 and 6 to show that death seemed to circle all and then the writer called out to God and God was there. God’s there for you now… right now waiting. Call out to the Lord, he’s there.

 “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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