Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace


Normally I try not to have two posts with such similar titles, but for this, no other title would suffice. Amazing Grace is a song that so many know and loves, the words in the song are truly powerful and it is a song that has stood proud and tall since 1748 when it was written. I am thankful for the truth of the words, “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.” This has been brought about due to hateful words of judgment, but from that ugly start is where God shines the brightest.

Boz Tchividjian has spoken against something that he feels strongly about, but the thing that this man has forgotten from his Grandfather’s preaching is forgiveness and grace. I will not go into detail about what he said, you can read it here at the Christian Post. It saddens me to keep hearing all of these hateful things come from Christian’s mouths when I know the fullness of what God can do.

First I want to remind everyone of a few things that you may have forgotten from Sunday school, such as John 8:7, “When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, ‘Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’” Jesus said these words, for we have all fallen short of the Glory of God and thus have sinned.

I have heard the argument that there are sins that should weigh more than others, but that’s not what God said and that’s not what Jesus said. If you have sinned you have sinned and that is all that God cares about as far as sin is concerned. If you have lied then you have raped and sodomized a member of the same sex who happened to be your own child. That is about as bad of a human mindset of a sin that I could think of according to most.

On earth there are laws that rank crimes and for that we have to serve our time and do what the earthly courts say, we give unto Caesar that which is his. This only concerns the flesh, not the spirit, for our crimes are of the earthly realm, sin goes much deeper. Once you are forgiven, the sin has washed away because you were forgiven. “Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given,” John 1:16. It is not by works but by Grace that we are saved.

I tell you that no one but God knows the heart of a person. That is why we suck as judges and that right has a much higher authority. If you learn nothing from all the stuff that I write, learn this one thing, God forgives all who accept his Son Jesus Christ as his savior and washes them clean of all sins. It can be Murder, Rape, or holding other Gods above him. It can be anything, but once you; in your heart Accept Christ you are forgiven.

How dare another person that has been shown this Grace say that Grace is not enough. How do you know the heart of a person? You don’t and can’t. It is this judgmental behavior that drives so many people away from Christ. This self-righteous hypocrisy that pushes so many away. Was Christ’s death not enough? Saul became Paul; he was murdering Christians and became one of the biggest contributors to the New Testament.

Grace is not a new concept ladies and gents, let’s go back to 1st Kings chapter 19. Elijah was on the run because Israel had risen up and turned their backs on God, destroyed temples and killing priests.  God gave Elijah the task to anoint new kings and those that worshiped Baal would be slain, but he would not kill everyone. There were 7,000 that lived among them that he spared. He spared them because they did not truly worship Baal, but the fact remains that mercy was shown.

Not one of us is worthy of the sacrifice that was given for us. So in that sense we are all wretches. I am guilty of many things and in the eye of man I still am guilty regardless of what Christ has done for me and the fact that I am forgiven. No one knows my heart. I try to show my heart through the words that God blesses me to write, but time and time again I fall short.

It is not through any action that I can take that I have been forgiven for my past. There is nothing I can do to correct the pain that I caused enough to be forgiven it is only through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the Grace of God that I am where I am today. I am not worthy. I can do nothing to be worthy. My heart is put forth on a truer path each day and that is all I can do.

Even though I fall short of grace, God has forgiven me and given me much hope. Act with your spirits, not with your flesh… Let the mercy that you have been shown be shown through you to others. Let the Grace that you have been given be given through you to others.

“Grace be with you all.” Hebrews 13:25

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