Merry Christmas


“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14

I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone this day, not because you may say Happy Holidays and not because you may only celebrate Christmas because it is a time to exchange gifts. I don’t even say it because it’s biblical, because it’s not. I say it because this is the season in which we celebrate Christ and it’s more acceptable to talk about him right now than any other time of the year.

I know Christmas is a bad time for a lot of people, and a thorn in the side for more. I know a lot of you do not believe in Christ, or refuse to be a Christian because of “How Christians are.” This season does something to a lot of “those” Christians, they are typically the more loving this time of year than any other. I say Merry Christmas because of my faith, because I know what Christ has done for me.

Today is a day that many of you can see something that you cannot see any other time of the year. I’ll come back to that in a moment. First I want to say that Christians are judged as most religions are judged, by the loudest and most vocal and most extreme.  The meek and loving that live day in and day out the love of Christ and help people in some way most days of the year are overlooked. If it is not loud and extreme, it just doesn’t get our attention anymore.

I know that not all Christians are the Westboro Baptist time of Christian, or even the Ultra Fundamentalists. These are just the pharoses of today. I know that not all Muslims that we see on the news that want to see America destroyed. Here’s some news for you, there are a lot of them that call America home and they are kind and loving people as well. You would know the meaning of hospitality if you were ever their guest.

I hear so much from people that they agree with the thoughts and ideas of a faith, but they can’t stand religion. My brother is one of those. Religion is the group of people that follow a set of beliefs and with any group of people you will get the jerks, the rules lawyers and doctrine Nazis. So again I say Merry Christmas.

This year I have been blessed in many ways that I am thankful for. Being Christian is not having someone to throw your burdens on so you can live care free. Yeah that’s part of what it is supposed to mean, but it is very hard to put your full trust and faith that it will work out and only when you fully surrender to what will be will be that you find that it works out. The love of Christ is out there, it’s sad that you have to look for it as hard as you do sometimes.

You a metal head, wearing your jeans, t-shirts and listen to your music loud? There’s a family of Christians out there for you that are just like you. Was grunge your thing, man are there a lot of Christians out there for you. Are you a biker, there are Christian based bike gatherings all over the US. You a role playing nerd/geek well so am I.

The road of life is long and has many twists and turns. No one should walk the road of life alone. Fellowship is part of why you are part of a religion. We are niche people, we all want to gather around like minded individuals. And another topic that I want to touch on, why is anyone surprised that a guy from Duck Dynasty is a bigoted fundamentalists?

I certainly am not. I am a Christian that grew up in the country so I know just how bigoted people can be in areas like that. It is sad that people still have those ideals and mindsets. I figured that we humans had evolved past that kind of stuff. Does that mean he’s not a Christian? No, God loves him just as much as he loves me. You do not have to be the poster child of hope, love and peace to be loved by God, all you have to do is accept him.

This time of year brings out the best and worst in most of us. The weeks prior to today you can certainly see the worst. Today and tomorrow you can see the best. It is sad that we can measure the worst behavior of the year in weeks and sadly the best in only a day or two.

That’s why I would also like to remind people again what God says. You cannot serve two gods, for you will love one and despise the other. Which God did you celebrate the most this Christmas season? Where did your money go? Did you spend more than you had? Now why did you spend more than you had, to share love or to be loved for spending money?

If you did it to be loved then you missed the point. If you did it out of love you still missed part of the point. Love is the heart of God. Share love this season. Share love next season, and the season after that. The love of money puts greed in your heart. So who do you pay attention to the most, your bank account, credit cards and wallet or God?

While on the topic of priority, which do you say more or think more. Well he or she certainly are going to have a hard time getting to heaven, or Lord what do you have in store for me. Do you focus more on how you can do God’s work; or bring others to God, or do you focus on the ways that people are falling short of Grace. You are judged for how you judge, so judge not unless you want that ruler put up to you. We all fall short of the mark and you do not have to be perfect to be one of God’s children.

Mr. Duck Dynasty is still getting into heaven. As sad as some of us would like to think that someone that holds values like that can, it is not by our acts but by our faith that we are saved.  So don’t be that guy, love a lot more. Care for your fellow man and love an Athiest today. They don’t believe because they have not seen a miracle, or they have been hurt by religion. They need love to.

I love you Cory, you probably won’t read this, but I love you anyway. I’m sorry you were hurt by another shoving their faith on you. I pray that God can heal  those wounds for you. You know the bible far too well to not believe in it. I hope God opens your heart back up to him. I do enjoy talking to you, and you know part of my story. He still loves you man, Merry Christmas.

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all year” Charles Dickens

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